Basic Bitch

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Basic Bitch is a comedy series about four girls who never left their hometown. Their peers have travelled the world or moved to the city for school, but Anine, Cathrine, Madeleine and Ingrid are staying put in the small summer town they grew up in.

Still, they’re not striving to get a career or a saving account – they’re still young! They’re good looking and the world is their oyster! Or so they believe…

Basic Bitch is a series about four friends that keep clinging to their heydays but are constantly reminded to think about the future. They’re twenty-five and in their prime but depending on youth and good looks is living on borrowed time. So, who are they, what do they really have to offer when their prime is over?


Seasons: 4

Total Episodes: 32 x 30 min

Genre: Comedy

Premiere Date: December 2020

Original Broadcaster: Discovery+ Norway

Production Company: Feelgood