Battle of the Hits

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Battle of the Hits is a weekly prime time music competition series that dives into the stories of a nation’s most beloved songs, and gives contemporary young artists a chance to reimagine them. Every country has those legendary songs that everybody knows! In this program, we pay tribute to some of a country’s greatest ever domestic hits by giving them a modern upgrade.

The task at hand is simple: which one of the two artists manages to make the more popular cover version
of their chosen evergreen hit and bring it back to the top of the charts? The episode’s challenger gets to pick their own song, but the song for the host will always be a surprise. The artists will then embark on a journey to find out the fascinating story of the original hit.


Episodes: 8 x 60 min

Genre: Entertainment

Premiere Date: February 2017

Slot: Monday 9pm

Original Broadcaster: TV5 Finland (Discovery Networks)