City vs Country

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City vs Country is a primetime feel-good quiz show for the whole family. Never before has our world been so divided. The Us Vs Them -mentality is more prevalent than ever. In this show two hosts take the teams trough three rounds of the game to see which side dominates: city or country?

People from the big liberal cities seem to be living in their bubble of soy lattes and artesian bread. People from the countryside are all hillbillies hanging out with their sheep. Or are they? What do snobby city folk know about the reality of living in the country? And do the country bumpkins have any idea what it takes to survive city life? It’s a warm-hearted competition with bucket loads of tension!


Episodes: 12 x 60 min

Genre: Game Show

Premiere Date: February 2017

Slot: Friday 9pm

Original Broadcaster: MTV3 Finland

International Versions: TV2 Hungary 2022; TV3 Lithuania 2018

7 Seasons in Finland – NEW SEASON in 2024 on MTV3!