Couples’ Party

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Do you wanna take part in the naughtiest game of year? You’re invited to join the Couples Party! Three couples who are all friends with each other compete in a fun-filled and saucy studio show. Who knows their friends the best and can get the most correct answers to blush–worthy questions like: Who is most likely to get undressed in public? Who has the worst hangovers? And which couple makes the most noise in the sack? These groups of friends have no problem revealing their own and each other’s sexy secrets in order for one of them to win a dream trip! The winner can select one other contestant to join them as a travel companion… however it won’t necessarily be their own partner!


Episodes: 12 x 60 min

Genre: Game Show

Premiere Date: January 2019

Slot: Monday 9pm

Original Broadcaster: MTV3 Finland