Guess Who!

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Guess Who! is a playful and fun quiz show where all the questions are based on the participants’ personal experiences and actions.

Every week, 4 new celebs compete over who knows the most about the others: who is the best judge of character? Questions such as ‘Who hasn’t read a book in the last 10 years?’, ‘who has spent a fortune on one single football card?’ and ‘who just joined the mile high club?’ may appear.

The aim of the game is to prove themselves as tonight’s best judge of character, to reveal all kinds of personal fun facts about the participants. All the questions in the quiz are based on the answers the participants have given in advance. These are the starting points for sharing stories, or maybe showing off some unknown skills. And of course, finding the winner of the night’s Guess Who!


Episodes: 8 x 25 min

Genre: Game Show

Premiere Date: October 2021

Slot: Tuesday 9:30pm

Original Broadcaster: TV Norge

Production Company: Feelgood