Relatively Close

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An emotional studio-based factual format, where a famous parent-child hosting team gets personal with celebrities about their family life. Each episode features two guests, who are ‘relatively close’ to each other. What’s important is that they share a unique bond. And at least one of the them is a well-known celebrity.

At first, the famous host interviews the non-famous guest, and then the non-famous host interviews the famous guest. The pairs are then brought together to discuss their relationship. Having one host who has experienced fame, allows for the celebrities to open up like never before. And having one host who is less known, is able to bring a contrasting perspective. It’s not therapy, but is does give a chance to close old wounds. And to say the things you were never able to say before.


  • Genre: Factual
  • Eps: 8 x 60 mins
  • Slot: Sunday 9pm
  • Premiere: 22/10/2017
  • Original Broadcaster: TV5 Finland (Discovery Networks)