Flea Market Challenge Season 2 Is Here!

Following its amazing first season launch back in December 2020, Flea Market Challenge is now back for Season 2. Exactly one year after the series premiere, the second season of the hit show started on Wednesday 8th December 2021 at 9pm on MTV3 Finland.

The premiere episode was yet again a huge success, being the slot winner and the most watched entertainment series of the evening! It attracted a 17.2% share and 300,000 viewers . 
To make the news even better, the second season is now half way through, and has been able to continue the high steady ratings. The five episodes that have aired so far have averaged an 18.3% share in the Adults 10-54 demo. This is not only an increase from the season premiere, but also over 50% above the slot average! The peak so far has been Episode 3 (22.12.2021), which scored a whopping 21.6% share.

Flea Market Challenge is a fun and exciting game show, where 3 people compete against each other to see who is the best seller! Each contestant is allowed to bring a maximum of 300 personal items. They all will then have 3 hours to sell at a local flea market. In the end, whoever has made most cash from sales, gets the money from all the players!

The second season was filmed during the beautiful Finnish summer, so the locations featured in the series are all outside. This gives the show a more light, airy and sunny feel! Some episodes of the new season also feature celebrities as sellers, making the show even more compelling viewing! 

You can screen a new subtitled episode of Season 2 of Flea Market Challenge here.
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