Rabbit Films’ adventure reality format Globetrotters was chosen as the winner of the Format-Finlandia 2018 prize. The prestigious award was awarded for the 18th time by the association of Audiovisual Producers Finland during the Media & Message – the Finnish TV Festival held in Tampere Finland. Rabbit Films has previously won the Format-Finland prize twice before, in 2015 for King and in 2012 for Celebrity Home Invasion. This year, the Format- Finlandia winner was chosen by Nicola Söderlund, founder of distribution company Eccho Rights, who considered the export potential of the format as the most important winning criteria:

”My choice is Globetrotters. Globetrotters taps well into the global trend of traveling where a rich experience at and of new places is what people are looking for” Söderlund commented his choice.

Globetrotters was Nelonen channel’s new prime time launch for Spring 2018 in Finland, where three celebrities competed independently around the globe. They were performing eight tasks in the most exotic destinations as soon as possible so that they could be the winner of the race, first one back in the homeland.