The international team here at Rabbit has been hard at work once again, and we are proud to present to you a brand new non-scripted format for MIPTV 2023: Travel Battle!

In this comedic travel show two famous hosts, known for their crazy antics, battle it out to see who can make the most epic weekend trip! At the beginning of each episode the hosts arrive at their destination, where they are faced with a challenge in which the winner gets a huge travel budget, and the loser gets a small one. The hosts have no idea what the other one is doing, and they only get to see each other’s trip in the studio. Which is better: having money or having to innovate? Unlimited options or creative solutions? Each episode features three different fun tasks that each of our hosts has to complete separately. And at the end of each episode, it will be the studio audience votes for their favorite trip to see who is the winner!

The 6 x 60 mins series is set to premiere right after MIPTV, on Friday 21st April 2023. All episodes of the first season will be made available on the YLE Areena VOD service on that date, and the weekly linear run will be on YLE2 at 9pm. But you can watch a full subtitled episode of the series already now here.

We are also happy to share, that although the first seasons hasn’t aired yet, the series has already been picked up for a second season by YLE! It will also be 6 x 60 mins and is filming this summer in various locations across Europe.

Find out more about the series here.

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