Över Atlanten, the Swedish adaptation of the Rabbit Films original format Over the Atlantic, came out as a winner last night at the Ria Galan! The Ria Galan is the annual awards ceremony organised by the Swedish Film & TV Producers’ Association to promote the year’s best creators in Swedish television. The prize was given to the show’s production in the category of Performance of the Year. Specifically, it was the on-board production crew who were awarded for their tenacity, bravery and professionalism.

Jonathan Tuovinen, Head of International of Rabbit Films commented: “We are elated for Over the Atlantic’s success in Sweden! We send our biggest congratulations to the winners and the whole production crew. Filming an exciting adventure reality programme while sailing across the Atlantic Ocean for three weeks is no small feat!

Over the Atlantic is a reality show where six celebrities are given a once in a lifetime challenge to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. In this groundbreaking show, a top-notch sailor is leading a team of celebrities with zero sailing experience to become masters of the sea. Week after week they learn how to sail, how to work as a team and how to fight the harsh ocean.

The victorious Swedish version of the show is produced by Mastiff (Banijay) for Kanal 5 (Discovery). The 2nd season of the 9 x 60 min show is currently on air, and a 3rd is already being planned.

You can watch a subtitled episode of Over the Atlantic Sweden from here.



Photo Credit: Linus Nilsson Instagram (@linus_nilsson_)