Rabbit brings 4 new unique formats to MIPTV 2018

Rabbit Films is delighted to introduce in Cannes a line up with great variety including four brand new original formats, all infused with Positive Anarchy.

Globetrotters truly tests celebrities and offers hight production value while the contestants race around the world. What’s The Word? is a game show where people can play along by challenging their minds. Both Queen of the Day and Stripped Club will be touching their audience with laughter and tears.

Trailers for the new formats can be screened by clicking the images below and entering a password “rabbit15”.

Adventure Reality, 8 x 60min
Adventurous and eventful celebrity travel show! Three unsuspecting celebrities each get dropped at a random point at our globe and have to solve clues to pick up eight objects from eight different locations in the world. First one back in the homeland wins the race!

Queen of the Day
Entertainment, 8 x 60min
Eight former beauty pageant winners from different decades are brought together to an unforgettable 8-day journey. Each day focuses on a different superb queen, who will share their real untold stories.

What’s The Word?
Game Show, 10 x 60min
A wonderfully fun word-guessing celebrity game show! Each player will in turn try to explain a word in a way that as few as possible of the other contestants would get it right, but avoiding an outcome that no one or every contestant guesses the word. Player with most points wins!

Stripped Club
Music, 8 x 60min
Where everything is laid bare! A famous musician sits down with a host for a captivating and personal in-depth interview. Between the discussions the musician performs their latest hits acoustic in an intimate 360 degree venue surrounded by their audience.