Finnish production and distribution company Rabbit Films today announces that TV2 Hungary has commissioned a local version of its original studio game show format City vs Country. The production of the series will begin in May 2022.

City vs Country is a primetime feel-good quiz show for the whole family. In the show two hosts take the teams through three rounds of the game to see which side dominates: city or country? What do snobby city folk know about the reality of living in the country? And do the country bumpkins have any idea what it takes to survive city life? It’s a warm-hearted competition with bucket loads of tension!

Jonathan Tuovinen, Head of International at Rabbit Films said: “Finland’s most popular game show, City vs Country will reach the Hungarians screens later this year and with several active options there’s lots more to come from this format in the future.”

The original version of City vs Country produced by Rabbit Films Finland for MTV3 with a 7th season due in 2022. Other international adaptation of the format was on Lithuania’s TV3. In addition, the format is currently under option is Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Romania.

Watch an episode of the original Finnish version of City Vs Country here.
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