Rabbit Films’ production Stripped Club has won the award of Best Music Entertainment Show at Kultainen Venla – the Finnish TV Awards, held on January 11th 2019. Stripped Club was competing in the category against The Voice of Finland and The Best Singers.

In each Stripped Club (8 x 60′) episode one artist reveals themselves and does an intimate performance in front of a live audience. Hosted by a well-known musician, Stripped Club provides a bare look into the life of a singer-songwriter. The show features acoustic performances intercut with the most personal moving stories like you’ve never seen before. You get to know the artists, their struggles and the stories behind their songs. The stunning 360-degree stage set-up allows for the audience to get as close as possible to the artist. One song from the session is chosen to be released as a digital single.

“We’re delighted to see how Stripped Club has touched a broad audience. Winning against well-established ww success formats is a great accomplishment for a brand-new music format” says Jonathan Tuovinen, Head of International at Rabbit.

Stripped Club’s first season was broadcast in spring 2018 on SubTV Finland. The musicians who appeared in the show were Michael Monroe, Paula Vesala, Juha Tapio, Lauri Tähkä, Kaija Koo, Erin, Mikael Gabriel and Tuure Kilpeläinen. The show was hosted by Elias Kaskinen.