The Ultimate Expedition wins the award of Best Competition Reality Series at the Finnish TV Awards

Rabbit Films’ production The Ultimate Expedition has won the award of Best Competition Reality Series at Kultainen Venla – the Finnish TV Awards in Finland, January 13.

The Ultimate Expedition is a breathtaking show where eight celebrities are given a challenge to conquer a 6 000 metre high mountain. Producer Heidi Hakkarainen describes the Ultimate Expedition as the most unique experience she has ever had on her professional career.

–  I couldn’t be more proud of the whole group; eight unbelievably courageus climbers and the host with the biggest heart, Jukka Hildén. A big thank you goes also to Mikko Vermas, the leader of the mountaineering professional group, the trainers from the Paratrooper Guild and Galaxia Expedition guides. This was an unforgettable adventure and we tried to transmit everything to the viewers as authentically as possible. We had an amazing production crew both in Peru as in post-production in Finland. With their uncompromising work and attitude it was possible to make an epic series out of this epic journey.

Ultimate Expedition’s first season was broadcast in spring 2016 on MTV3 in Finland. The participating celebrities were Cristal Snow, Tuija Pehkonen, Lola Odusoga, Janne Niinimaa, Antti Reini, Antti Luusuaniemi, Minna Parikka and – ultimately the last one standing on the mountain – Leena Harkimo. The show was hosted by Jukka Hilden.