Over the Atlantic the most successful series of all time for TV5 Finland

The most interesting TV series of the Finnish fall ‘17 Over the Atlantic has reached over 1,7 million viewers in Finland.

The hit adventure reality series Over the Atlantic (original title: Atlantin yli) has become the most highest rated show on Discovery Networks Finland’s flagship channel TV5. The series has reached over 700,000 viewers weekly and has quadrupled the average share of viewing of the slot (Sunday 9pm).

The pre-show of Over the Atlantic was aired in August, reaching 416,000 viewers with its first run on TV5 Finland. The commercial share of viewing was 20.5%, making it the winner of the slot against all commercials channels. In the first week, the episode reached 744,000 viewers (including re-runs).

The first actual episode of the series on Sunday September 3rd gained a 20.8% commercial share of viewing and reached 367,000 viewers. The second episode reached 396,000 and the third already a high-tide of 402,000.

Over the Atlantic has become the most talk-about series of the fall. We have received tons of positive feedback from the viewers,” stated Katja Santala, Program Director at Discovery Networks Finland.

In the series, six celebrities are given a once in a lifetime challenge to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. In this groundbreaking show, a top-notch sailor is leading a celebrity team with zero sailing experience to become real sailors. Week after week they learn how to sail, how to work as a team and how to fight the harsh ocean.

The series is produced and distributed by Rabbit Films.

Source: Finnpanel Oy, TV-meter panel, programme reach at least 3min continuous viewing