Kill Arman – Seasons 1 & 2

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Humorous and action packed, Kill Arman Season 1 tells the fish-out-of-water story of Arman Alizad, an average man in his mid 30’s who is lazy, out of shape and has no previous martial arts experience, but now has only six months to train before facing the ultimate challenge: battling ten warriors of ten different martial arts in ten different countries around the world…with only his limited martial arts skills to protect him!

Kill Arman Season 2 will see Arman in better shape, with better agility and better fighting skills. The fact remains that Arman still sucks as a fighter. Arman will be put up against harder challenges and he will travel to even more exotic locations around the world. Pure adrenaline and testosterone filled martial arts like Thai boxing, Brazilian jujitsu and MMA all have one thing in common: fierce power! They are highly competitive and brutal martial arts, which define the warriors of our time.

Kill Arman goes behind the training techniques of martial arts fighting. The historical, cultural, spiritual and philosophical backrounds of different martial arts are all brought into the spotlight through the people and cultures that live and breathe them everyday.

From the deep jungles of Malaysia to the vast savannas of Africa; from the poor slums of Cambodia, to the neon streets of Japan – Kill Arman travels from one exotic location to another, revealing the souls of the places and people throught ancient arts that still thrive to this day.


Episodes: 10 per season

Duration: 22 min

Format: HD

Year of Broadcast: 2009

Original Broadcaster: Jim Finland