The Dudesons – Season 2

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In season 2 The Dudesons’ full chaos and destruction continues! HP almost gets killed in a car stunt gone wrong, police raids The Dudesons’ ranch, Jarppi gets a tabasco treatment, the world’s gnarliest superheroes are introduced, a T54 tank joyride occurs, a bank is robbed, and much more!

After four successful seasons on TV in their native Finland, the Dudesons became an international sensation with the English version of their self-titled TV series The Dudesons. The Dudesons is an extreme comedy show about the antics of a Scandinavian stunt crew, four lifelong friends. Risking everything for the sake of fun, the series is packed with outrageous stunts, bizarre pranks and hilarious comedy – and a story of an unusual, but resilient friendship.


Episodes: 8

Duration: 22 min

Format: HD

Year of Broadcast: 2008

Original Broadcaster: Nelonen Finland