Rabbit Films is launching a slate of new captivating and unique non-scripted formats and eye-opening ready-mades at MIPTV 2019! We’re also bringing our up to date Rabbit Catalogue 2019 to Cannes. See You there!


You’re invited to join Couples Party (12 x 60min, Entertainment– the naughtiest game of the year! Three couples who are all friends with each other compete in a fun-filled and saucy studio show. Who knows their friends the best and can get the most correct answers to blush–worthy questions like: Who is most likely to get undressed in public? Who has the worst hangovers? And which couple makes the most noise in the sack? These groups of friends have no problem revealing their own and each other’s sexy secrets in order for one of them to win a dream trip! The winner can select one other contestant to join them as a travel companion… however it won’t necessarily be their own partner!


Most Endangered Species with WWF (Factual Entertainment, 8 x 60min, also available as a ready-made) is anepic travel series featuring the world’s most fascinating endangered animals! A real scientist travels together with a witty comedian to the outermost corners of the world to get acquainted with the protection of endangered animals and even to see a glimpse of these rare species. The format offers once in a lifetime experiences, such as racing a snow leopard in the Himalayas, looking for the Svalbard polar bears and visiting Borneo to explore the shrinking areas of the orangutans.


Beyond Human Boundaries is an award winning 8 x 60min ready-made documentary-reality program which tells the story of Arman Alizad, an ordinary man, who travels with his cameraman to eight countries trying to get into a community, group, tribe or environment for 10 days. All communities are different, but they are all outside of Western culture and lifestyle. Arman experiences variety of lifestyles from a landfill site in Cambodia to gang life in the favela of Brazil, voodoo magic in Benin and living with the Bedouins in Saudi Arabia. Arman’s only chance of success is the strength and wisdom of his local mentor, who knows how to survive in such extreme circumstances.

It is not only a show of endurance, it’s an emotional story about people who live in some of our planet’s most unforgiving conditions whose unique lifestyle the viewers get to see from rarely close. A story of gaining trust and building friendships that crosses all barriers in some of the toughest corners of the world.

Brand new season 3 out now!